Help for immigrants and refugees in the Pittsburgh area

Find out how to access food, rent, utilities, transportation, healthcare, childcare, and more.


Immigrant family at airport

The Immigrant Services and Connections (ISAC) program helps immigrants in Allegheny County who are struggling to meet the daily needs of their families.

We will speak with you in your native language, listen to your questions, and get answers. We can help you get assistance with food, rent, utilities, and transportation. ISAC staff can also help you navigate the healthcare system and access benefits you may be eligible for such as childcare. If you need immigration legal services, we can connect you to resources that can help.

Each year, we welcome people from more than 100 different countries and help them thrive in their new home.

Clients of ISAC do not have to be enrolled as Literacy Pittsburgh students to access this service. To get help, visit or call 412-742-4200.

The Immigrant Services and Connections (ISAC) program is a collaboration of nonprofits helping immigrants and refugees. This partnership is led by Jewish Family and Community Services.
Student Spotlight: Tuhin
Tuhin was just 16 when he began writing poems that called out the persecution of religious minorities in his native Bangladesh. In 2015, his life was threatened by a group linked to al-Quaeda. He reported the incident to the police who told Tuhin they would be unable to protect him from being attacked.
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Photo of Student Spotlight: Tuhin

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