Better Lives Through Learning

The United States is a country built on promises. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The American Dream. But these promises can’t be fulfilled without literacy. In the Pittsburgh area alone, nearly 15 percent of all adults urgently need literacy services. Demand for these services increases each year, and there is an ever-growing waiting list of people seeking help.

For those who were left behind… for those who just arrived… the American Dream is alive within Literacy Pittsburgh. We are a local organization with world-class ideas. We believe that anyone can achieve a better life through learning. It takes just one individual to disrupt the cycle of poverty, lifting up their own children and many generations to come. For those who have a dream, for those who want to learn, Literacy Pittsburgh welcomes you to a dynamic, bold organization – charging forward with a mission to educate and support thousands of people each year.

Through one-to-one tutoring and small class settings, we offer a safe and supportive environment for adults to acquire reading, writing and math skills, prepare for high school equivalency exams, and gain skills to transition to jobs or college. We teach English as a second language to immigrants and refugees, and we connect them to the support services they need to feel welcome in our community. In our family literacy program, we help children develop language and literacy skills with the support of their caregivers, who also have the opportunity to improve their own skills. Our programs have a significant economic impact on the region by taking students from learning to earning and helping them gain economic self-sufficiency. Our students become better parents, workers, and neighbors.

As the largest literacy organization in the region, we are breaking down barriers and leading the way through innovative partnerships, accessible, flexible services, and close relationships with Pittsburgh’s diverse communities. Literacy Pittsburgh is transforming lives, making a difference to individuals, their children, the workforce and Pittsburgh – and bringing greater prosperity for all.