Pathways to a Brighter Future – Legacy Gifts

Your investment in the future of Literacy Pittsburgh ensures students have caring and experienced professional teachers and trained volunteer tutors. It provides books and materials, technology, and innovative programs. It supports infrastructure that gives students a safe and comfortable learning environment and a staff committed to both efficiency and effectiveness. Making a legacy gift to Literacy Pittsburgh creates better lives through learning today and for future generations by:

  • Supporting a mission and a community you are passionate about. Donating to Literacy Pittsburgh makes a difference for individuals, their children, the workforce, and the community – bringing greater prosperity for us all.
  • Providing long-term funding that lasts beyond your lifetime. Legacy gifts ensure the vital programs of Literacy Pittsburgh are available today and for years to come.
  • Costing you nothing now. You can have a significant impact without putting any financial stress on you or your loved ones. Legacy gifts are tax-exempt, potentially lowering your heirs’ tax obligations.

There are many ways to make a legacy gift that provides tax advantages while also ensuring a pathway to a brighter future for the students at Literacy Pittsburgh and their families: including a gift in your will, naming Literacy Pittsburgh beneficiary of your retirement funds, insurance, donor advised fund, or leveraging real estate holdings.

Pathways to the Future

Pathways to the Future recognizes individuals who have provided a legacy gift to Literacy Pittsburgh. The name reflects our vision of a more inclusive and productive community driven by access to education. With their generous financial support, Literacy Pittsburgh’s Pathways to the Future donors are building a pathway to a brighter future for our students.

Pathways donors stay engaged through invitations to unique learning experiences, volunteer opportunities and philanthropic education sessions, all in the company of people who are similarly passionate about building better lives and a stronger community through learning.

When you let us know your intention to make a legacy gift, you automatically become a Pathways to the Future member. Join us today to build a brighter future by completing our gift intention form. 


Help us build a Pathway to a Brighter Future

Include a Gift in Your Will – Naming Literacy Pittsburgh in your will enables you to demonstrate your commitment to creating better lives through learning without impacting your current income.

Name Literacy Pittsburgh as a Beneficiary  – Many donors choose to designate Literacy Pittsburgh as a beneficiary of all or part of their retirement plans, insurance policies, or even their donor-advised funds.

Deed your Property to Literacy Pittsburgh  – Real estate can be one of the most highly appreciated assets you own, and, therefore, a smart asset to use in making a legacy gift.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the smart ways to give that can create a legacy for you at Literacy Pittsburgh, contact Tim Richart, Director of Development, at 412-393-7633 or

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen
“My experience as a tutor opened my eyes to how hard people will work to achieve goals. My students are fathers, and they work to make their families lives better by bringing them here, by working seven days a week, and by attending tutoring sessions after working all day so they could deal with teachers, doctors, landlords, and grocery store clerks.  Seeing their efforts, talking about their challenges, I see that immigrants are so good for this country.”
Photo of Volunteer Spotlight: Karen

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