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2023 Tutor Campaign

Making a difference in the lives of adults and families.

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A Message from Fran Quinlan, Literacy Pittsburgh Tutor and 2023 Tutor Campaign Chair

Being a tutor might seem like a one-way interaction: I share my knowledge, and my students benefit.  If I am clever, dedicated, and insightful, I might, in fact, be able to encourage my students to learn. But what I receive from them is an untold bounty of gifts.  I learn about their cultures, their struggles to get to this country, their sacrifices to be away from their loved ones at home, and their eagerness to learn. I am inspired and enriched by their stories. Like myself, perhaps you have also been enriched by your students and want to give back to them in even more ways than you already do. 

"From you I receive, to you I give, together we share, and from this, we live.”

My students have taught me different ways to see learning and the obstacles to learning. I am enriched and grateful for these lessons. This is why I agreed to chair the 2023 tutor fundraising campaign for Literacy Pittsburgh. Will you please join me in supporting the program we are passionate about?

Can you help us reach our 2023 goals? The dollars we raise go directly to help purchase materials necessary for our tutoring program to continue to thrive.  

Your gift, in any amount, to the 2023 Tutor Campaign is greatly appreciated.  Our students are so very grateful for all you do. 

Many thanks for all you do,


2023 Goals:

Reach 30% participation from our tutors.

Raise $30,000 for Literacy Pittsburgh. 

How are we doing as of 3/22/2023?

10% participation

$13,203 dollars raised

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