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Literacy Pittsburgh can help you to:

  • Learn English
  • Study for the GED or HiSET test
  • Improve your reading and writing skills
  • Improve your math skills
  • Study for U.S. citizenship
  • Prepare for college and job training entrance tests

Literacy Pittsburgh programs are free to you.

Classes and tutoring are offered to people age 18 and older* who live in Allegheny County and Beaver County.



Learning options are available online or in-person. For online learning, you will need access to the internet and a computer or mobile device. If you need help with either of these things, please let us know. 

You can work with a volunteer tutor. You will meet two times per week for two hours each time.

You can also attend classes. Your class schedule will depend on your current abilities and your goals. There are morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Most sessions are two hours long and are two times each week. You will be expected to complete some work outside of class.

The time you spend at Literacy Pittsburgh depends on you. Every student is different. You will take a test to find out your abilities now. We will talk to you about your goals. We will make a plan just for you.

Our teachers and tutors will support you. We want you to do well.


The first step is to sign up for new student orientation.

Orientations happen regularly. You can sign up at any time. You may have to wait a short time for an orientation. Our staff will contact you quickly about signing up for an upcoming orientation.

At orientation, you will learn more about Literacy Pittsburgh. We will talk about your goals. We will schedule a test of your skills now. Many of your questions will be answered at orientation.

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*Literacy Pittsburgh can serve students at age 17 only if you can provide official documentation from your school to show that you have withdrawn from school and are not required to be enrolled there. 

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